Since introducing our recycled fabric in early 2022, we're continuing on our sustainable journey - and whilst we're aware we operate in a sportswear industry that requires high performance kit and we deliver globally, there are many steps that we can take to make Roller Derby City as sustainable as possible.  Here's some of the areas we're working on right now: 

Reducing, removing or reusing plastic 

It’s estimated that only 9%* of total plastic waste is currently recycled; the rest either accumulates in landfills, uncontrolled dumpsites or incineration plants. Here's some of the steps we've been working on at each stage in our production to reduce using virgin plastic and replace with  more planet-friendly alternatives 

 > In order to provide comfort, endurance and sweat wicking properties, sportswear - including ours - is made from synthetic fabrics - however, rather than creating new plastic fibres for our roller derby uniforms, the fabric we use for our uniforms, scrimmage shirts, referee shirts, training sleeveless hoodies and helmet covers is now 85% recycled fibres.  The remaining 15% of our fabric is elastene, which gives the stretch and fit - this currently isn't available as a recycled fibre, but we continue to source new options all the time and look to the future when the fabric can be 100% recycled.  

 > We don't wrap our garments in plastic - we fold them, and pack them in our mailing bags or boxes and send them straight out 

 > Our mailing bags are made from recycled plastic, and you can recycle them too! 

 > When you order a larger order and we ship it out in a cardboard box, we re-use the cardboard boxes we receive on our deliveries.  We may not have the fancy branded boxes that other suppliers do, but we feel happier re-using boxes we're sent. 

 Using Sustainable Options for our Apparel 

 > We create all our new roller derby apparel with sustainable garments, made from either 100% organic cotton, or organic cotton and recycled polyester blends.  

> We still have stock of some non-sustainable apparel items, and whilst we’re not creating new ones, we’ll use these in our flash sales and offers rather than binning them.  

Using Partners that also Support our Eco Goals  

 > this part needs updating - soon we’ll share with you our suppliers and partners including utilities, suppliers and delivery services. 


 **Global Plastics Outlook: Economic Drivers, Environmental Impacts and Policy Options