Size Guide

We know that feeling confident in your scrim tops, officials shirts and uniforms is all about finding a great fit - that’s why our styles and fits are tested on real skaters on the track for performance throughout training sessions, scrimmages and games. 


We offer 4 different lengths - we’ve made our tops a little longer than a regular sports top to take into account derby stance, and also offer a short, long and cropped length.  

We recommend our short length for skaters of 5ft2 / 157cm tall and less, and our tall length for skaters of 6ft / 180cm tall or taller.  If you usually buy a regular length from other stores, then you should be able to order a regular length from us.  We don’t recommend ordering a tall length if you’re under 6ft in order to get a longer top, as the proportions mean that you may not get a great fit and the top may well ride up around your hips. 


We’ve given below the flat measurements at the chest and hips, so you can find the best fit for you.  If you do not exactly match one size, then choose the size that matches closest to your preference, e.g. if your measurements match the XL chest and 2XL hips, choosing an XL will mean the top is a little tighter on the hips, choosing a 2XL will mean it’s a little looser on the chest.  It’s not possible for us to create totally custom patterns for individuals so if you need any help finding the best fit for you just give us a shout. 


We offer two fits - curve and straight.  Our curve fits are based on conventional women’s clothing, and our straight fits are based on conventional mens clothing.  This means our straight fits are slightly larger than our curve fits. 

Our tanks are designed as a close athletic fit, and our t-shirts are designed as a relaxed fit.  If you want a close-fitting t-shirt then you may want to order a size smaller than you usually do.  


We’ve put below the actual garment measurements of all our tanks and t-shirts, and the best way to find your fit is to compare these to a garment you already own and like the fit of.  

Please also bear in mind that you’ll need to allow a tolerance of up to 3cm from our size guide.  This is because we create your garment first as a production file to your exact specifications, then print out onto wide format papers, before pressing onto fabric.  We then cut out the pattern pieces, stitch together and press before shipping out to you.  It is possible to lose a few mm in each stage, so we cannot guarantee your orders will be a millimetre perfect match to our guide below  - however, our fabric is stretchy so any tolerance is usually covered by the stretch of the fabric.

If you need any help, then just give us a call on (+44)  1752 267405 or drop us a message.

Hi!  We're currently in the process of updating this page with all our sizing info.   We're not changing the sizing - so if you've ordered from us before you can go ahead and order the same size again.  We're just re-wording the sizing info so it's easier for you to choose the best size. 

We aim to have this updated in the next few days (we're writing this on 30th September), but if you need any help in the meantime, just drop us an email at