• Strong Athletic Queer Muscle Tank


    This item is out of stock
    This item is out of stock

    Owner of Strong Athletic Nadia Kean is part of the LGBTQIA Community, and many of her friends from this community told her that they loved the idea behind the SAW shirts, but they felt excluded because they were nonbinary or didn't identify as women. It was at this point that Nadia decided that she never wanted anyone to feel like her shirts didn't represent them and so she created the Strong Athletic Queer line so that she had a shirt that was more inclusive of the community of people that she was part of.   At RDC, we agree with Nadia that promoting Strong Women is still important, and we also believe that supporting people who are part of the queer community is as important. We are still so far from basic, equal human rights, those of us who are able to speak up without fearing for our safety should.  This queer t-shirt is part of our growing range of LGBTQIA Strong Athletic range.  

    Product Details

    Tanks have Strong Athletic front print, and Strong Athletic logo on the back, just below the collar. 

    Tanks are 65% polyester/35% ringspun combed cotton, sizing to fit chest: XS - 30" S- 32", M - 34", L - 36", XL - 39, 2XL

    This Strong Athletic tank is screen printed by us in the UK.  

    Strong Athletic

    We're proud to be partnering with Strong Athletic, a US-based brand created by Nadia KeenStrong Athletic, who, in protest of being called a 'girl' started to call her teammates a "a fine group of strong athletic women", the first t-shirt was created, and a new movement was born, empowering athletes sand humans regardless of gender, sexual orientation, skin colour or religion. Strong Athletic want people to realise that only one person decides when you get called an athlete, strong or athletic: you.  Join the movement here, and shop the Strong Athletic range at RDC here.  The artwork for this design is based on the original design created in 2013 by Cristen Perks for Nadia Kean. The Strong Athletic logo was designed by Angel Ortega of Garzig Design.