• Strong Athletic Custom Cropped Tee

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    Anyone can be Strong Athletic - and the only person that gets to decide if you're strong and athletic is you! So, if you can't find a Strong Athletic shirt currently available in our store that describes you, then why not create your own?   You're unique, and your Strong Athletic shirt should reflect just the person you are.   As long as RDC and SA approves the statement you'd like to make, you're good to go.  We don't support hate speech of any kind, or statements that make fun of a group of people.  But, if you're a fan of Strong Athletic, we're pretty sure you'll agree with this too.   
    Product Details
    Cropped tees have Strong Athletic front print, and Strong Athletic logo on the back, just below the collar.  
    Tanks are 65% polyester/35% ringspun combed cotton, sizing to fit chest: XS - 30" S- 32", M - 34", L - 36", XL - 39, 2XL
    Custom Strong Athletic garments are printed with vinyl, this is the same method we use to print names and numbers on our custom scrim and official shirts, and allows us to produce them at the same cost as our regular SA shirts and ship them to you within a week of ordering. 
    Strong Athletic
    We're proud to be partnering with Strong Athletic, a US-based brand created by Nadia Keen, who, in protest of being called a 'girl' started to call her teammates a "a fine group of strong athletic women", the first t-shirt was created, and a new movement was born, empowering athletes and humans regardless of gender, sexual orientation, skin colour or religion. Strong Athletic want people to realise that only one person decides when you get called an athlete, strong or athletic: you.  Join the movement here, and shop the Strong Athletic range at RDC here.  The artwork for this design is based on the original design created in 2013 by Cristen Perks for Nadia Kean. The Strong Athletic logo was designed by Angel Ortega of Garzig Design.