• Retro Stripe Custom Arm Bands

    Please state your number, we will print to WFTDA/MRDA/JRDA standards unless you tell us otherwise.
    Please measure around your arm when it is relaxed and give us the size in cm.

    It's time to get rid of the sharpies and go pro with your own custom armbands.  If you're fed up of sweating off your numbers, have intense arm tattoos or just don't want to keep printing your numbers on your team mates' shirts then get yourself a pair of custom arm bands.  These retro strip bands come in two different colourways - please note, these are bands are suitable for number only (and not name printing). .

    How to Measure

    To measure your arm, make sure your arm is relaxed, not tense, and tell us the measurement in cm.  

    Product Details 

    Neoprene arm bands are polyester and spandex with a middle layer of SBR (styrene butadiene rubber), approx 8cm high and custom length.  These jazzy arm bands are designed for training, fun scrimmages and challenge games, and whilst we will print the numbers to WFTDA requirements for sanctioned game play, we recommend that you check with the head ref before using these in official sanctioned games.  Looking for team arm bands with your logo or custom design? Talk to us about creating something unique for your team.   You'll get 2 arm bands, one for each arm. Arm bands usually ship within 14 days, but if you need your bands sooner then please get in touch with us first.