• Pro Captain / Alternate Arm Bands

    Please measure around your arm when it is relaxed and give us the size in cm.

    NEW IN!  It's time to get rid of the sharpies and go pro with custom captain and alternate armbands.  If you're an on-skates captain or alternate then these bands are ideal to stop you sweating off your numbers, or for the suited and booted bench coach, these bands will slip over your shirt or arms for that profesh look when requesting that time out or official review. 

    We've listed the most popular colours in our drop down menus for ease of ordering, but if you're looking for an exact match to your team uniforms for game day then select 'custom colour' and send us your CMYK reference for us to match.  If you order your team uniforms with us already, then just let us know and we can match them exactly to that.  Choose from a single captain or alternate band, or a home and away set (we will invert the colours that you choose for your away set unless you specify otherwise), or a captain and alterate set.  

    How to Measure

    To measure your arm, make sure your arm is relaxed, not tense, and tell us the measurement in cm.  

    Product Details 

    Arm bands are polyester and spandex with a middle layer of SBR (styrene butadiene rubber), approx 8cm high and custom length.  Numbers are printed to WFTDA requirements for sanctioned game play.   Looking for team arm bands with your logo or custom design? Talk to us about creating something unique for your team, including skaters and coaches. Arm bands usually ship within 14 days, if you'd like them sooner just let us know.