Our last order date for Christmas delivery is 15th December ~ if you order after that date, we'll still make your order, but it probably won't reach you til after the festive period.   We're closing up on 23rd of December, and will reopen on 4th January.  You can still order through our web store all through that time, and we'll pick up any messages when we open up again.  


Thank you everyone for bearing with us during the Covid crisis and the impact it's had on our service to you.  We're pretty much back to operating as normal with most of our staff back to work, and our suppliers up and running, but with some of our products are lead times are longer than pre-lockdown. 


Right now, our uniform service is as normal - you can expect your uniform orders in around 4 weeks, and this also includes all our pro range - pro scrimmage, referee shirts, helmet covers, arm bands and training wear.    As we keep hundreds of metres of fabric in stock (that we use to make all our uniform and training garments) we're pretty much up to speed. 


Our merch service has been more heavily affected by Covid - our suppliers have been affected, and this kind of work involves more of our team members, so is taking much longer.   Most merch orders are taking around 4 weeks to complete, and due to the labour intensive set up of our merch jobs, we can only accept orders of 30+ items. 

Our Team

Our priority is to create a safe working environment for our team members, so we can continue to come to work and make your orders for you.  We're all wearing face masks, and working at safe distances from each other.  We've staggered people's start times, finish times and break times to limit the number of hours that multiple people are working in the same area, and to relieve pressure on shared areas like our staff room and kitchen. 

Getting in Touch   

We may also be a little slower than usual on getting back to you via email or through our social media platforms - we aim to get back to every message within 24 hours, although we do have a lot of people communicating with us right now so it may be slightly longer.  If you want an immediate response or want to talk uniforms, training wear or merch then please get in touch, we're open Monday - Friday from 8am to 5.30pm, and we're always happy to chat! 

Thank you everyone for your support during these strange new times, 
And stay safe, 
Slams & Dave