Back on 24th March, following government advice, we asked all our staff to stay at home, as we wanted to keep them safe, and also to contribute to the national effort of people staying at home and hopefully limiting the spread of the virus.  Since then, the only people coming in to work at RDC have been me, Slams, and my business partner/husband Dave.  This has meant that we've been able to keep in touch with everyone, maintain our social media platforms and work with teams putting together uniform designs and orders.  During this time we haven't been able to run production, so we've not been making any scrim tops, uniforms or merch. 

Thank you to everyone for your patience, we know many of you placed orders before we went into lockdown and have had to wait longer than usual to receive your orders.  We aimed to reach out to as many of you as possible to let you know about the delays on your order, as well as keeping you update through our web site and social media platforms, however we know that someone of you weren't aware of this and hadn't received this information, so please accept our apologies for this. 

What's happening now

As of yesterday, 21 May, our staff started returning to work, after we re-arranged equipment, our procedures and people's shifts to enable us all to work together safely, whilst still maintaining safe distances.  

If you have an order with us

It will get done - we're working through the backlog now, and those of you who have been waiting the longest will be processed first.   If you want to check in on your order, then please do - you can contact us here or via our Facebook or Instagram, and we'll do our best to give you an accurate time scale on delivery. 

We're also working with teams on new uniform orders, and whilst we appreciate roller derby isn't happening right now, it will happen again, so a lot of you are taking the time now to get set for when training, games and tournaments start again.  If you want to get in touch to talk designs, place orders, talk about uniforms or merch for your team please do.   We've got a bunch of promo's and special offers planned over the coming months so stay tuned to our Instagram and Facebook to get involved. 

Thank you so much for your patience and support over the last few weeks, we massively appreciate it, and feel so forturnate to be part of such an awesome community. 
Stay safe!