How long will will my order take? 

As we make everything totally custom, it takes us 4-8 weeks to make your order.   Every order has to be created as an electronic file (with your size, shape, name, number etc), printed out onto paper, pressed onto fabric, cut out, stitched together, pressed and then dispatched.  

As our production time will vary on the time of year, we'll keep this page updated with our current turnaround times.  If you have a game coming up within 4-8 weeks that you'd like your order for then please get in touch with us in advance and we'll see what we can do - sometimes we can get things done pretty quick, and get things done sooner.   

June Update: Currently we're super busy and most orders are taking around 6 week for us to make.   

What shipping method do you use and how long does it take?

In the UK, we use DPD next day delivery service, once we have dispatched your order, you'll get an email from us confirming it's been dispatched.  You'll then get a text message or email from DPD the following day, confirming the day/time of delivery - we use a next day delivery service so this will usually be the next working day.  If the day/time isn't convenient, then you can reply to them to rearrange delivery, change the address or deliver to a neighbour, safe place or local collection store.   

Outside the UK, we use either DPD or Royal Mail tracked service.  Once we have dispatched your order, you'll get an email from us confirming it's on its way.   Then, when it arrives in your country, you'll get tracking info - and you may also be contacted by the courier regarding any taxes due (see our question below on shipping to the EU).  

Delivery times once your order has been dispatched: 

Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands 3-4 days 

France 5-6 days 

Finland, Sweden, Spain, Italy 6-7 days 

Estonia, USA, Canada, Norway 9-10 days 

Please note that since the impact of Covid, a lot more people are shopping online and this is having an impact on couriers and delivery services, so we recommend allowing a few extra days on top of these times.  

How much is shipping? 

We ship worldwide, and offer a flat rate shipping - which means that your shipping doesn't increase with the amount you order, for UK and European customers we also offer free shipping over a certain value. 

UK shipping £3.95, or free shipping over £50 

Ireland - £14.95   (this is because there are too many issues with Royal Mail shipping, and we have to use DPD's parcel rate) 

Zone 2 - Europe £9.95 

Zone 3, Canada £12.70 

Zone 4, USA £13.45 

Zone 5, Australia £16.45

If you live somewhere else - then please let us know and we will be happy to confirm your shipping rates.  Please be aware, that for all our customers not in the UK, you'll pay our tax-free prices, but you may have to pay local taxes when the goods arrive with you.

Which countries do you ship to? 

We ship worldwide!  We think we have most countries set up on our web store, but if you have any issues ordering from our web store and delivering to your country then let us know and we'll set it up. 

How do I order uniforms for my team? 

You just need to get in touch with us, and we'll set up a uniform store for your team, so that your members can order their uniforms, hoodies, arm bands, helmet covers and more, whenever they want.  For more detailed info about our uniform process, please head to our uniform page here

Where do you make your products? 

Right here at RDC in Plymouth, England.  

Is Covid affecting your opening times/ordering process? 

Covid has had an impact on our business, and also companies in our supply chain - including our fabric and dye suppliers, and also the couriers/postal services that deliver your orders to you.  Mostly, it means things have slowed down, so we're asking right now that for any orders you place they may take longer for us to be able to make, and delivery times may take longer too. 

Can I still order from the EU after Brexit?

Yes! Now that the UK has left the EU, all our EU customers can order in the same way as the rest of the world.  This means, that anything you order will be tax free (so approximately 20% less than our previous prices to you).  

For example,  before Brexit our uniforms were £30, this included £5 of VAT (tax).   Now, when you pay for your uniforms on our web site they will be £25 (the price will change when you enter your delivery address at the check out), and when the uniforms arrive in your country, the customs authority will charge you the tax, usually around £5.   So the price will be £30, but you'll pay it in two different places. 

Some customs also charge an admin fee, this is usually a few cents per item - although if you order a big team order in one go, this may be higher.  

There is another kind of tax, which is 'import tax' however, you only pay this on items that are made outside of the UK, but because we make all your uniforms here in Plymouth, England, you won't have to pay this kind of tax.  To make sure that happens, we put a customs form onto your parcel, which is a 'certificate of origin' and confirms that we make the uniforms in the UK, so the customs people do not charge you import tax. 

You can read about it in full in our blog post here

And, we're also pleased to let you know that we are currently applying for tax registration in the EU (it takes a while!) after which, we'll be able to ship your goods with all taxes paid.  


What payment methods do you accept?  

Our web store uses Stripe or Paypal.  Stripe, is a secure payment processor, and accepts all major credit and debit card payments including Visa and Mastercard.  You don't need to have an account with Stripe to use it.   

How do I use a discount code?

There's an option to enter a discount code at the check out. 

How do I get a discount code?

We share discount codes on our social media platforms - you can follow us on Instagram here, and on Facebook here. Our Ambassadors on Instagram also have their own discount codes, and you can find them on the hashtag #RDCambassador


We want you to be happy with everything you order from us, and if you're not then lets get it sorted out.  If your garment is faulty or it just doesn't fit right, then just let us know within 14 days of receiving it and we'll offer an exchange or refund.  We know that sometimes teams place team orders and that not everyone will get their team top within 14 days, say you're off training with an injury.  We'd be really grateful if your team coordinator or person who placed the team order could take the time to check things off as it's much much harder for us as a small business to be able to replace an item after 14 days. 


Because we make all our garments at RDC we're proud to be able to offer sizing from 3xs-6xl, and bigger/smaller if required.  Our scrim tops and uniforms come in 4 different lengths - regular, short (-5cm/2inches), long (+5cm/2 inches) and cropped.  We offer 2 different cuts - curve - which is  based on our previous 'womens' sizing, and 'straight' which is based on our previous 'mens' sizing.  This means that our straight cut is larger than our curve cuts.   For more info about our sizing please check out our size guide here or get in touch if you have any questions at all. 


I used to order merch and team scrimmage for my team from you, but the merch pages have disappeared? 

During the pandemic we were hit hard as a business - with no one able to play roller derby or run boot camps or training sessions, we had very few orders for team uniforms.  We had to react and diversify, and make some big decisions in order to keep RDC alive.   Fortunately, as well as running RDC we also run a general printing business called Custom Merch.  During the pandemic Custom Merch continued to operate as a lot of our clients are online retail brands who continued to order from us.  We had to say goodbye to a couple of our RDC staff, and then re-purpose the remaining people into Custom Merch, as this was the only way we could keep our people employed, pay their wages and as a business cover our costs like rent, utilities and taxes.  We also had to think long and hard about the products we offered, and how viable they were to continue to offer to our customers with a reduced crew.  The results are that we can no longer offer short runs of merch, and the labour intensive nature of offering merch customised with names and numbers are no longer viable for us to do.   We still print merch through our Custom Merch business, however, our minimum orders are 30 per design/garment, and no customisation - if you are looking for merch like this, for your team or maybe your own brand or business then get in touch with us and we'll share all the details.  

We are continuing to make team hoodies, sleeveless hoodies, uniforms and scrim wear so we can cover your team's clothing needs. 

What about team scrimmage and custom scrimmage tops?

In addition to the pandemic affecting us, we've received feedback from the roller derby community about issues with our custom scrimmage and team scrimmage options.  To fulfil these kinds of orders we would order in garments from our suppliers, however these were limited to a very narrow size range of s-xl or xs-2xl, with limited options outside of this.   We want to make garments that fit everyone within the roller derby community, and now we're proud to offer our scrimmage range in sizing 2xs-6xl, in curve and straight fits and in regular and cropped lengths. Our fabric is also velcro resistant, lightweight, stretchy and sweat wicking, and because we sublimate your logo, name and numbers into the fabric (rather than printing on top) the whole garments stays sweat wicking.  We're also working towards our range becoming gender free, an issue that's important to us (please bear with us, we're working on this and learning about the best way to name our products to be gender free whilst still being meaningful for all our customers to understand). 

You can order your own scrimmage tops from our wide selection of designs here, including an option to order with your team logo on too just here.  Full colour logos are welcome!  If you'd like to design your own team scrimmage wear, then get in touch with us, and then we'll set up a private team scrimmage store that your skaters can order from - there's no minimum order, so skaters can order whenever they like, without your team having to coordinate an order.  


If you've got a question that we've not answered here, then get in touch and we'll be happy to help.  You can send a message via our contact form here, email us at info@rollerderbycity or call us on 01752 267 405  outside of the UK on +44 1752 267 405.