Ordering from the EU

16th Dec 2021

Ordering from the EU



Since the UK left the EU, we've been continuing to ship orders over to skaters and officials all across the EU, however the way things work are a little different. We get asked about post-Brexit shipping, so we put this blog together to cover the most frequently asked questions. We're not accountants or tax experts, and of course, things we talk about in this blog post may be subject to change, however we intend this to be a handy guide to how things are currently working at the time of posting this blog. 

Can I still order from Roller Derby City from the EU?

Yes you can - and thank you if you already have. We have set up our web site with different tax options - so if you are based in the UK, you'll pay taxes on your orders (these are already included in the price), and if you are outside of the UK - whether you're in the EU, in Europe but not in the EU, or further afield such as the US, Canada or Australia, then when you enter your delivery address at the check out, all the UK taxes will be removed. This will make the price you pay approx 20% cheaper.

Do I have to pay taxes or duties?

Yes and no. Here's our best way of explaining it:

Prior to Brexit, when you ordered from us, the price you paid would have included VAT. VAT stands for Value Added Tax, and is a 20% tax applied to nearly all goods and services within the UK. 

For example, prior to Brexit our uniforms were £30, this includes £5 of tax.

After Brexit, we no longer charge VAT to customers in the EU. So, for the same uniform, you will pay us £25.

However, when your order arrives in your country you will be asked to pay the tax to your government instead - this will be called VAT, TVA, moms or something similar. Most EU tax rates are around 20%, but this will vary depending on where you live. For example in France, it's 20%, Belgium 21%, Ireland 23%, Finland 24%, Sweden 25%.

If you're in Belgium for example, the tax you pay will be £5.25, making the total uniform price to you £30.25

You may also be charged a small brokerage fee - this is an admin fee charged by the courier for processing the tax payment for you. (I know, you're paying to be able to pay taxes!) Usually this is around 1 or 2 Euro per item.

What about import duties?

Because we make your uniforms in the UK, there are no import duties to pay. Import duties are applied to goods that you order, that are made outside of the UK and EU for example, from America, Asia and Australia.

We will attach a certificate of origin to your package so that your countries customs people know that your order is made in the UK, and no import duties are due. 

How do I pay the taxes?

You will be contacted by the courier - depending on where you live and the size of your order we will either use Royal Mail or DPD.  If we use Royal Mail, they will transfer the parcel to a local postal service in your country, DPD may also do this. 

The courier will contact you to pay the taxes - sometimes this will be by email or phone, so please ensure when you enter your shipping details that your email is one that you check regularly.  

Can I avoid the taxes by ordering a smaller amount? 

Unfortunately there's no way of avoiding taxes, they're one of life's givens.  We like to think of paying taxes as contributing to our national health service and education system! 

However, we recently set up our new way of ordering team uniforms - through your own team store - that allows you to order just one item at a time.  Initially this was because most of our customers told us they wanted a way to order just one or two items at a time, rather than having to put together big team orders and collect everyone's sizes, details and money.  The added advantage of team stores, is that ordering for yourself and maybe one or two team mates, means our production times are quicker, shipping is much quicker, you get lower admin/brokerage fees, and you're less likely to get charged import duties incorrectly.

We have found that teams that put in big team orders tend to get charged much higher admin fees from their local customs, and also are sometimes incorrectly charged import duties as well - you can attempt to claim them back but it is a very frustrating process.   Whilst this shouldn't happen, sometimes it does. 

Our recommendation is to order a maximum of 10 items at a time, or more in the case of smaller items like arm bands.  We have also reduced our shipping prices to EU countries, so that you're not penalised on shipping by placing smaller orders. 

Help! I think I've been charged import duties or too much tax. 

If you get charged more than you think you should, or you're just not sure about the amount you've been charged, then please get in touch with us with details of what you've been asked to pay and we can take a look and let you know if this is correct.  Most couriers/shippers will send you a bill and then give you a specific amount of time to pay, before they return the order to us.  So please get in touch with us before the deadline so we can help. 

I really want to place a big team order because that's how my club works.

No problem!  Whilst we actively encourage you to use our team stores for people to order, if you'd rather order in bulk then get in touch with us and we'll work it out.  

I have more questions!

Great - you can send us a message here or give us a call on +44 1752 267 405. 

Will the situation change? 

Knowing our government, almost certainly, and if it does - we'll update this blog.