Introducing Recycled Fabric 2.0 - Better for our Planet, Better for Roller Derby

16th May 2023

Introducing Recycled Fabric 2.0 - Better for our Planet, Better for Roller Derby

Over the last few years, we embarked on a sustainable journey to make everything we do at Roller Derby City as sustainable as possible.  At the beginning of 2022, we've been started using recycled fabric to make all your roller derby team uniforms, scrimmage shirts, referee shirts, training sleeveless hoodies and helmet covers. 

Referee shirts made from our recycled fabric

Since introducing our recycled fabric, we've continued to source and test new recycled performance fabric options as they become available - it's an exciting place to be in, with new options becoming increasinngly available. We're proud to introduce our newest fabric, recycled fabric 2.0, earlier this year - choosing it due to the higher recycled content - now at 85% but also because of it's enhanced performance.  We know sustainability is as important to the roller derby community as it is to us - but performance is also essential for an athletic contact sport.  The good news is, 2.0 has a tighter knit, meaning it can withstand the impact of roller derby more effectively, as well as feeling softer to wear and more flexible for added comfort.  The tighter knit also makes it a more dense fabric, providing even better coverage, even in whites.  

If you've ordered with us in the last few months, then you'll already be wearing it! 

The journey doesn't end here - we'll continue sourcing and testing more fabrics as more become available, and continue the search for sustainable options for our other products - our arm bands and warm up hoodies. 

Training hoodies and uniforms in all styles made from our recycled fabric.