Introducing our new sustainable fabric

15th Feb 2022

Introducing our new sustainable fabric

We're excited to let you know that a whole load of our products have just become sustainable!  

We're now making all your scrim tops, team uniforms, officials shirts and helmet covers from recycled fabric.  You'll still experience the same velcro resistant and sweat wicking properties, from our lightweight stretchy fabric that you did before, but with the added advantage that you're wearing fabric made from post-consumer plastic that otherwise would have been headed for landfill.  Making our tanks, tees and accessories from recycled polyester means that we're not adding new plastic to our planet. 

Does this mean my scrim tops are made from used fabric? 

Nope!  Our fabric is 78% polyester, which is recycled, and 22% lycra (which is not yet available recycled).   The polyester is made from fibres from post-consumer plastic waste - plastic bottles, plastic films etc, and regenerated to make fabric.   We then take that fabric and make it into your new scrim shirt, referee shirt or uniform. 

What products are made from recycled fabric?  

We use our recycled fabric for all our scrimmage shirts, uniforms, referee shirts, training sleeveless hoodies and helmet covers.   

We're currently sourcing recycled fabrics for our other items - including our arm bands and warm-up sleeveless hoodies, as we plan to be able to offer sustainable versions of all our products.  You'll can view the range here

(Please note that all our uniforms in your team stores are recycled too, we've just kept them in your team stores rather than our general product sections). 

How else are your products sustainable?

We're committed to minimising our environmental impact as much as possible - and we're definitely a work in progress.  We've kept our supply chain short, to reduce the miles your garments have to travel to get to you - all our fabric is manufactured in Europe, and we make all your orders right here in the UK.