Roller Derby City was born in 2010 and since then we've grown alongside the sport itself, developing new exciting products and adapting to the needs of the roller derby skater and official. We're skater owned and operated, and proud to support local roller derby. To help our sporting community grow we've sponsored a whole bunch of events across Europe including Skate Odyssey, Mens Roller Derby World Cup and Eastbourne Extreme - as well as being an official sponsor for the British Championships, England Mens Roller Derby and London Rollergirls.  


Bebe Blitz - skates for Plymouth City Roller Derby (PCRD) as a nippy little jammer, and is our customisation queen. Bebe looks after all our custom scrimmage orders, and customises all our team wear. 
Hack - is a coach and skater for PCRD a badass blocker and she looks after all our customers, picking up all our emails and chatting to you at the end of the phone. She particularly enjoys coming up with fun competitions for people to win stuff! 
Abnorman - coaches at PCRD, and skates for Kings of Block and Roll, and his national home team, All Ireland Mens Roller Derby. At RDC, Abnorman screen prints merch and team scrimmage orders, and particularly loves challenging printing techniques such as our split fountain printing.

Slams - is a coach and skater at PCRD, as well as being head honcho at RDC. Slams loves nothing better than getting out on the road and meeting people via the RDC stall at bouts and tournaments.

Dave - not a derby skater but loves getting out on his surf board, skate board and vintage motorbikes. Dave's our graphic designer and his favourite part of the job is designing custom uniforms for our teams, and helping our customers through the design process. 

Viktor - is a dab hand at screen printing and along with Abnorman prints up all of our merch. We've not yet convinced him to take up roller derby, but Viktor's an avid supporter and can be found cheering the RDC gang on from the suicide seats at their games.

Derek is the new kid on the block and has taken on the role of international relations. He's also keeps an eye on our intern, Dexter, who splits his time between eating treats and napping really loudly.